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Wednesday, September 27

what has become of Christianity?

This is a post from World Magazine:
An interesting news feature is going around about Christian theme parks. Perhaps the biggest is the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, where Roman soldiers stand around a replica of Herod's Temple and Jesus gets crucified twice a day. Currently, the park is involved in a controversy because it is claiming not only to be a theme park but to be a church, so as to get tax advantages.

But the Holy Land Experience is not the only one. I myself would have to draw the line at a Bible themed miniature golf park in Kentucky called Golgotha Fun Park.

Have any of you been to these? At what point does Christian consumerism violate the commandment against taking the name of the Lord our God in vain? And where does this leave Veggie Tales?

The sad part is that they wouldn't even think about building such things if they knew nobody would go. But, people will go. Sad.

Here is the whole newspaper story. I can't help but quote the first paragraph:
The crucifixion was canceled. The announcement came over loudspeakers as fat clouds formed above a replica of Christ's garden tomb. Dozens of disappointed tourists and pilgrims who came to witness the spectacle - a daily event at the Holy Land Experience, a 15-acre, $16 million biblical theme park tucked off Interstate 4 in Orlando - trudged toward the exit. Park officials were apologetic but firm: None of their employees would hang on the cross during a lightning storm.

Okay...if you really want to laugh, go to the park's official website.

I choose not to dig any deeper. Have fun.

Wednesday, September 20

a normal plew?

God created me, as He has most, with several strange features. For example, I don't catch myself when I fall. My arms go behind me instead of in front, and I end up landing on my chin, which is why I've had stitches five times and my bottom teeth are officially "dead".

Another strange feature, in case you haven't noticed, is that one ear is higher than my other ear. Yes, I'm a lopsided head guy. So, this picture above, from photo booth on my mac, is one side of my face placed evenly on the other side, like a mirror. A normal plew might look something like this.

Dever on evangelism...

Mark Dever recently posted on the together for the gospel blog about evangelism. He said that he is currenlty writing a book on evangelism, which I plan on getting as soon as it comes out. He has a great straightforward and God-trusting approach to preaching the gospel. Here is one excerpt from his post:
"One part of clarity sometimes missed by earnest evangelists, however, is the willingness to offend. Clarity with the claims of Christ certainly will include the translation of the Gospel into words that our hearer understands, but it doesn’t necessarily mean translating it into words that our hearer will like. Too often advocates of relevant evangelism verge over into being advocates of irrelevant non-evangelism. A gospel which in no way offends the sinner has not been understood."
You could read the whole post here. He also has a message from New Attitude on evangelism I would recommend.

Saturday, September 16

Questioning Evangelism....

is a book written by Randy Newman. I would highly recommend it. The author worked on college campuses for many years reaching out to students. Recently, the New Attitude bloggers did a post on this book. You can read the entire post here.

One of the main reasons I like this book is that it is freeing -- in the sense that all the pressure of evangelism is taken back some. It does this by helping the reader understand you don't have to have all the answers. Actually, many questions that people ask about Christianity or Jesus aren't even valid.

20/20 had an episode the other night about stereotypes and how we all have them whether we recognize them or not. I believe a lot of questions people ask are stereotypes of what they've heard Christians are like, or maybe even past experience with Christians. By returning their question with questions, we are able to discern why they believe what they do, if it even makes sense, etc...

This book is also helpful in walking out evangelism in humility. By asking questions, admitting hypocrisy, and not starting arguments we are really opening the door to understand that person and apply the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. It doesn't remove the absolute truth of the gospel to ask questions of people, it really gives us an open door to bring the gospel to bear in their lives and in their hearts.

Finally, this book is helpful in figuring out what questions to ask. What are people wondering about? What are the greatest objections to Christianity? He walks thru many of these questions.

So, get it and read it.

Wednesday, August 30

Valley of Vision

Sovereign Grace Ministries has released a new c.d., The Valley of Vision. I've been listening to it this week and have seriously been enjoying it. The cd is songs inspired by the book by the same name, which is full of puritan prayers.

This is written on the back cover of the cd:
" The valley of vision is the place of paradox.
Here, the one who wants to save his life loses it for the sake of Another.
Here, strength is perfected in weakness, and the greatest is the servant of all.
Living in the depths, we see Him in the heights,
Learning that the way down is the way up,
To be low is to be high,
And to bear the cross is to wear the crown."

Wednesday, August 23

Welcome Week!

It's that time of year again and tomorrow night is our FIRST VFC of the year!!! That is, the school year, of course.

It's going to be a blast in our new meeting room -- Alumni Rm. 32. Voice is going to do a few songs for us, we got give-aways, some videos, and much more!

Then, on Friday night, we our hosting "The Explosion, Vol. II". This is the first year we have done an outdoor concert. It's in Presidential courtyard from 6-9 p.m. Voice is performing and Dishwater Blonde is closing the night. This may never happen again, so come check it out.

You can get more details about all the things VFC is doing at

Saturday, August 19

a picture page, a picture page....

everyone loves a picture page. Especially when it has freaky pictures. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 15

guess who this is...

so...I got a new mac the other day. It came with a built in camera and some funny effects. We took a few pictures. I laughed so hard I cried. Check it out.